Unstoppable 2022 season 2 Show on aha

The most-rated show on the aha platforms, “Unstoppable,” after achieving a good response in its first series, started premiering the second season of it. The show constantly gained the limelight of many Telugu households. The show is one of a kind, Unstoppable with NBK, hosted by the legendary Telugu actor Balakrishna. It has registered over 3 Video plays on the platform and is on a record-breaking space since its premiere on the 4th of November. As a result, Unstoppable has become the most-rated Telugu webseries online.

Fun moments

On the very first episode of the show, they feature the episode with the former chief minister. Nandamuri and his Brother in law have some cute teasing moments in the show. However, in this season, they are featuring Mohan Babu and the Manchu family. Mohan Babu and Nandamuri Balakrishna spend their time discussing memories and politics.

They also candidly discuss childhood memories, cinemas, fatherhood, common interests, and controversies. While through the discussion, they had some fun together, laughing and sharing emotional bondages. They had a special ability to look over each other’s differences and matters held close to their hearts

A deeper level of connection

The audience didn’t have enough of their beautiful conversation and discussion. Their unique ability to look over the differences made the viewer’s heart warm, and therefore, they crave more of it. The host continued to share candid moments with other guests earnestly. His natural bond with the star Nani made audiences swoon over him. The movie stars bonded over cricket, movies, and many other things.

In the show, they delivered dialogues of each other’s movies, making the audience know about his cheeky, sky side to others. To check out these cute candid moments, visit the aha platform and enjoy many other Telugu web series online.

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