Many pond builders began their careers in the water garden industry by making simple ponds with a rubber liner, bio falls, and a sump pump. Many of these landscapers had no idea what to expect from these building materials regarding durability and endurance. Regrettably, the pond liners’ manufacturers only provide a warranty against production faults. After a few years and a few water features under their belts, the bad news begins to trickle in from bewildered or outright irritated clients who are complaining about their ponds losing water. Click on this link There are numerous causes for this:

  • Liner seams that are not properly sealed;
  • Liner holes caused by the weight of rocks sitting on the surface stretching the liner;
  • Liner holes caused by burrowing animals (rats, ground squirrels, mice, gophers, chipmunks, groundhogs)
  • Holes dug by youngsters using sharp toys or things such as sticks, lawn darts, and so on;
  • Holes made by sharp claws of dogs, raccoons, moose, deer, and other animals
  • Water leaking from drains, pipes, and skimmers.
  • Baffins Pond’s Capacity

Baffins Pond is a well-known and well-loved park in Portsmouth’s Baffin’s neighborhood. The park spans 18 hectares and features diverse scenery. It combines natural and wildlife aspects with the more formal attractions of a city park to create a unique experience. The big natural pond is its most prominent feature. The pond is administered as a wildlife refuge, and water quality controls ensure a healthy biodiverse habitat with diverse wildfowl populations.

  • Baffin’s pond includes a variety of features

Around the pond, there’s a lot more going on. The amenities include formal gardens, a big grass leisure area, a semi-natural copse with a forest walk, a newly enhanced play area, a tennis court, a games court, and a bowling green. Brent Geese, a protected species that visit the Solent area between October and March, make their home in the park during the winter. The newly established marginal planting areas have enhanced the natural aspect of the pond margins while also providing fresh wildlife habitat.


 The Baffins-Pond-Association, an active friends group and community organization is housed in the ancient pump house. They host several activities throughout the year to draw visitors to the park and perform environmental work to help preserve the park’s natural and biological values. In the pump house property, the Baffins Pond Association also manages a communal garden and café, open on Saturdays throughout the year. Visit this site for more details.